Graveyard Ruckus!

It’s looking like another sunny day here at the Cicero Pumkin Patch! I got up early this morning and made some breakfast, then drank my coffee as I walked the grave yard. It looked as though a pack of Ghouls passed through last night, because part of the fence was violently smashed down! This seems to be the time of the season when they become a little restless, the hot summer makes them fairly dormant normally. I think they mistakenly thought it was the Fall season because of the cooler weather so they wake up and raise a ruckus and shake the grave stones! This pack of ghouls must have been younger, the tracks they left were pretty small and they didn’t knock over the larger grave stones, just a couple of small ones. I never know why they do this, maybe their trying to get the ghosts to come out and do some haunting? From my observation of them over the years the ghosts are fairly regimented creatures. They only come out when large groups of living people are around. Just like when a hound dog picks up the sent of a fox and gets excited, the ghosts come out when lots of people are around. Guess I better go let the old farmer know so he can get some fence supplies. He’s pretty busy so I’ll see if I can’t get it fixed for him this week.