Decorative Pumpkins

Fairytale Pumpkins: They are immature right now… They’ll be orange when they grow up a bit. 
Casperita Pumpkins: Classic pumpkin shape, deep ridges, hybrid winter squash.
Porcelain Doll: A Gourmet Culinary Delight!  Exotic pink pumpkin, deep orange, sweet flesh, great for pies or soups.
Blue Doll: Exotic eye-catching blue pumpkin.
Rascal Pumpkins: What else can ya say… They’re ‘lil rascals!
Cinderella Pumpkins: Classic look, wide and flat, well-defined ridges.  They all seem to grow upside-down.
Jarrahdale Pumpkins: Beautiful blue-skinned pumpkin.
Red Warty Thing Pumpkins: Old heirloom variety, heavy hubbard type flesh. Great eating quality. I didn’t make up the name… but it says it all, big, Red, lots of warts!
Full Moon Pumpkins: Bluish-tint (almost like a full moon)
Silver Moon Pumpkins: A white pumpkin, but more GRAND in size than the Casperita!

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