First golden corn cob FOUND!

The Booher family found the first golden corn Cobb Saturday October 7th! They won a free hayride for their whole family! I’d say they had a great time too! Congratulations from the Cicero Pumkin Patch!

Don’t fret if you were looking and didn’t find it! Sunday is another day and another golden corn Cobb search will begin, another family could win!

Columbus Day Weekend!

It’s Here… Columbus Day Weekend!  … Why aren’t you here, at The Cicero Pumkin Patch!   We have it all this weekend…

Ciceropumkinpatch 2015

pumpkin picking, the Hermit Hay Ride, wine tasting from the Thousand Islands Winery, book readings from local authors, corn maze, plus popcorn, hot cider, bakery goods from Mario’s Bakery… com’on  out and join us for the weekend!

What’s this… A Television Commercial?!  Check us out on T.V. or just visit the patch and take a ride the Hermit Hayride!

Great job to that Old Farmer!

Grave Digging…

Thanks to all that rain yesterday the ground is much easier to dig. With that new mortuary being built, I’ve been pretty busy digging graves. I haven’t had time to update my blog! Any who… I wanted a hot tub to soak my aching body, but the old farmer said The mortuary was a necessary expansion to hermitville. Maybe I’ll get a hot tub next year!

Home of the Hermit Hayride…Family Fun for all!

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