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What’s this… A Television Commercial?!  Check us out on T.V. or just visit the patch and take a ride the Hermit Hayride!

Great job to that Old Farmer!

Eye world…

Went for a walk this morning, it was right after the first bird song of the morning and something happened that I will never forget!
I saw one of the eyes open up and it’s pupil move all around, then stop and look right at me! It’s pupil got so big I thought It was trying to swallow me! I instantly froze! Then in an it blinked twice and every eye in eye world opened and was focusing on me. My heart was racing, if they had ears they could have heard my heart pounding…
Then it occurred to me, they’re just eyes… “Let ’em look, they can’t do anything else.” At that very moment they all blinked in unison and then closed as though they never opened at all. I just kept walking the path thinking “this is odd, the eyes usually start to open closer to the end of September.” I wonder what made them open this early and only for a little while?